Top 50 DevOps Engineer Interview Questions and Answers

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Introduction: DevOps Interview Questions

DevOps is one of the most popular technology trends. There is a growing demand for DevOps Engineer job in technology companies.
This book contains technical interview questions that an interviewer asks for DevOps Engineer position. Each question is accompanied with an answer so that you can prepare for job interview in short time.

We have compiled this list after attending dozens of technical interviews in top-notch companies like- Airbnb, Netflix, Amazon etc.
Often, these questions and concepts are used in our daily work. But these are most helpful when an Interviewer is trying to test your deep knowledge of DevOps.

What are the DevOps topics covered in this book?

We cover a wide variety of DevOps topics in this book. Some of the topics are Docker, AWS OpsWorks Stacks, CloudFormation, Ansible, Jenkins, Nagios, Kubernetes etc.

How will this book help me?

By reading this book, you do not have to spend time searching the Internet for DevOps interview questions. We have already compiled the list of the most popular and the latest DevOps Interview questions.

Are there answers in this book?

Yes, in this book each question is followed by an answer. So you can save time in interview preparation.

What is the best way of reading this book?

You have to first do a slow reading of all the questions in this book. Once you go through them in the first pass, mark the questions that you could not answer by yourself. Then, in second pass go through only the difficult questions. After going through this book 2-3 times, you will be well prepared to face a technical interview for a DevOps Engineer position.

What is the level of questions in this book?

This book contains questions that are good for a beginner DevOps engineer to a senior DevOps engineer. The difficulty level of question varies in the book from Fresher to a Seasoned professional.

What are the sample questions in this book?

  • What are the popular DevOps tools that you use?
  • What are the main benefits of DevOps?
  • What is the typical DevOps workflow you use in your organization?
  • How do you take DevOps approach with Amazon Web Services?
  • How will you run a script automatically when a developer commits a change into GIT?
  • What are the main features of AWS OpsWorks Stacks?
  • How does CloudFormation work in AWS?
  • What is CICD in DevOps?
  • What are the best practices of Continuous Integration (CI)?
  • What are the options for security in Jenkins?
  • What are the main benefits of Chef?
  • What is the architecture of Chef?
  • What are the main use cases of Ansible?
  • What is Docker Hub?
  • What is your favorite scripting language for DevOps?
  • What is Multi-factor authentication?
  • What is State Stalking in Nagios?
  • What is the architecture of Puppet?
  • What is the use of Kubernetes?
  • What is the architecture of Kubernetes?
  • How does Kubernetes provide high availability of applications in a Cluster?
  • What is Chaos Monkey in DevOps?
  • What is a Deployment Pipeline?
  • What are the main features of Docker Hub?
  • What are the security benefits of using Container based system?
  • What is a Passive check in Nagios?
  • What are the common use cases of Docker?
  • Can we lose our data when a Docker Container exits?

Is there a video course available for this book?

Yes, there is a video course based on Devops Interview Preparation book on Udemy. It is very well appreciated by professionals.