SYSTEM DESIGN INTERVIEW (LARGE PRINT EDITION): The Complete Guide to System Design Interview Tips, Software Analysis and 20 Frequently Most Asked Questions

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System design interview is one of the most dreaded and difficult aspects of technical job interviews. The questions involved are scary. But a careful study of the analysis and methodologies recorded in this journal will enable you to scale through any hurdles you may meet during assessments using data engineering processes. This manual will give you a clear and in-depth understanding of the various processes involved in using data-intensive applications. If you are a practitioner or a non-backend engineer, after reading it, you will discover amazing facts about the ways you can apply data systems across networks such as RDBMS, NoSQL, IMS, and others. You will learn various ways engineers are interviewed using different frameworks. This book enables you to know more about scalability or distributed systems.
Other things you will learn in this book include:

  • The Foundation for System Design Interviews
  • How to Design a Key-Value Store
  • Ways to Scale Users in System Design Interviews
  • Using Distributed Systems in Designing an Identity Generator
  • How to Design a Web Crawler
  • Different Methods of Designing News Feed System
  • How to Design a System for Search Autocomplete
  • Chat System Designing
  • YouTube Designing
  • How to Design a URL Shortener
  • Rate Limiter Designing
  • How to Design a Notification System
  • Methods of Designing Google Drive
  • How to Design Consistent Hashing and more
  • And many more…

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