#QUALIFIED: You Are More Impressive Than You Realize

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This book will make you ambitious AF.

Side Effects May Include: Career success. Beyoncé confidence. A renegade resume. Gold medal mindset. Loss of apprehension. Read at your own risk.

Everyone always tells you, “do what you love.” But how is this possible? You’re thinking that you’re just not talented enough, or don’t have the right degree, or that your goals are too lofty. Amanda Nachman shares that you are more remarkable than you realize―and that you’re worthy of your dream job.

#QUALIFIED breaks through the stress, fear and uncertainty of the job search. You will discover how to make courageous connections IRL, build your personal brand, and grow as a leader to achieve your goals.

Nachman’s tangible guide includes:

  • Interviews with Job Experts and Professionals
  • 3 Actions for a Qualified Mindset
  • Resume, LinkedIn and Email Templates
  • Step-by-Step Tutorial for Building Your Personal Brand
  • Examples to Build Your Own Qualified Journey

Nachman’s empowering and easy-to-follow steps in
#QUALIFIED prepares you to become an unstoppable career strategist starting now.

When you purchase #QUALIFIED, you support Reality Changers, a San Diego nonprofit that helps underserved high school students achieve their dreams of becoming college graduates. We’re honored to direct a portion of book sales to Reality Changers.