Matched: Insider tips & tricks from a former Pharmacy Residency Program Director

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2020 saw the lowest pharmacy residency match rate and highest number of unmatched candidates to date. As the job market continues to shrink and advanced training becomes the minimum standard for entry-level positions, the importance of securing a residency has become paramount. After serving as a residency preceptor, program coordinator, and program director, I have consistently encountered too many underprepared and overwhelmed applicants. While formal and training focuses on pharmacology, pharmacotherapy, and practical applications, the necessary skills of effective self-promotion and interviewing are often neglected. In these pages, you will learn everything you need to help you prepare and ease the stress of the residency matching process: objective self-evaluation, effective application materials, the art of interviewing, example interview questions and answers, and more (with infamous AnecDose examples along the way). Let me be your personal guide as I reveal insider tips and tricks to help you understand the mind of residency program directors and help you get MATCHED.