Interview Questions and Answers…With Your Future Employer (130 Executive Interview Questions and Answers) (Interview Master Guide with Research and Power Tips to Prepare) (2020 UPDATE)

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Does the thought of a job interview give you anxiety?

If so, then you’re not alone. Anxiety comes from lack of preparation. And career coach, Rebecca Ramos has helped thousands of interviews and interviewees with the interview process.

Inside this book, you’ll find the 100 most common questions you can expect to be asked. In addition, you will be given a good response, of course which you can modify to suit yourself.

To see some of the interview questions, go ahead and preview this book.

The author and career coach, Rebecca Ramos has been helping people with the interview process for over 15 years. She has a weekly blog, and plans on writing several more books regarding the interview process.


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What Readers are Saying:

“Earlier in the year I changed jobs and got a few "interview" books to get myself ready. Even though this book was not the best of the ones I read, it had a number of useful ideas. The book wastes no time on fluff and starts with questions and answers. In addition to a sample answer the author provides an explanation of what the interviewer is trying to found out. This explanation is helpful because even if the sample answer itself does not match your area of expertise, reading the sample answer and the explanation of the goal of the question helps to figure out the best answer that is specific to you.

I do not agree with everything in the book. For example, discussing your marital status and the number of children in response to "tell me more about yourself" or providing the exact year of graduation for someone who might be over 40 years old. Each person needs to decide themselves on various sample answers and adjust what works best for them.

One thing the book does not give an answer for is examples of "good" weaknesses. This is always a tricky question, one needs an answer that is honest but not damaging.

Overall, the list of questions is good, it forces you to think and prepare yourself for being drilled.”

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