Get Ready to Work Workbook: What You Need to Know Before Your Next Interview

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I wrote the Get Ready to Work Workbook for several reasons. First, as a tool to help individuals who don’t typically have access to professional resources and those who don’t know where to find career advancement or job readiness information. I want to help people develop confidence whether they are looking for work or pursuing an entrepreneurial passion. Either way, your ability to present yourself well and communicate effectively will be crucial to your ability to establish healthy networking relationships.The Get Ready to Work Workbook is a resource that can help three specific groups of people:•Students in high school and college.•Individuals returning to the workforce:oAfter being incarceratedoAfter being in the militaryoAfter taking time off to be home•Individuals who feel their interviewing skills need updating.The Get Ready to Work Workbook is designed to be used alone, worked through as part of a training program or course requirement, or used in tandem with a book I co-authored entitled “The 4-Tions: Your Guide to Developing Successful Job Search Strategies.” The 4-Tions provides many technical aspects of the job search, and I highly recommend adding it to your library. the Get Ready to Work Workbook addresses information in greater detail, includes information on networking and public speaking, and provides information on several types of interviews with which you should become familiar. the Get Work Workbook is a book and workbook combined, and it is designed to help you better understand the information on a more personal level.The Get Read to Work Workbook is needed to help you do two things. First, I wanted it to be interactive, so your engagement can empower you. Second, I needed to provide some of the why’s behind what you will learn. Being told what you should do is one thing. Your understanding of why it’s important for you – that is a huge takeaway. My desire is that you complete each section and gain a deeper understanding of why that section was necessary to you. Personalizing the information is key to finding practical ways to apply what you learn so you are empowered to move forward with real data.