2021-Fixed Income Interview Preparation: Include 300+ interview Questions and Answers

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Fixed Income or bond market is one of the fastest growing trading globally and there is a quite a good demand for the professional who knows the Fixed income market well. Whether you are working as a trader or an IT professional who is supporting trading platform you should have good knowledge of Fixed Income market. So, when you appear for the interview for Fixed Income trading department or securitized product groups you will be asked fundamental questions about the fixed income which are given in this book. If you are a trader then more in-depth questions would be asked during the interview process. There are many profiles for Fixed income world like Risk managers, Product Control, Surveillance team, IT professional, Operate Team, QR team etc. Even Fixed Income product pricing itself is a big profile where you need to get a correct price for an instrument on daily basis by applying different scenarios and models on the Fixed Income instrument, this is a daily activity which is expected from you if you are working as an evaluator for Fixed Income market. Because more of the Fixed Income products are not traded on the exchange, so finding their correct price is always challenging and you are paid well for finding the price for a Fixed Income by doing various scenario analysis and having cashflow. This book is for the fixed income trader, product control, software engineers, risk managers, portfolio managers, fixed income salesman, fixed income pricing evaluators, operate and support team who all are working in the Fixed Income department. Fixed income itself is a very big domain in the trading world and always you will see trading ticket size is much higher than the equity trading. So analyzing risk is very important. In this book we are presenting around 300 interview questions which would certainly help you when you are appearing for an interview for the department which deal with the Fixed Income related products. Hence, it is highly recommended that you go through at least once before appearing the interview. We also recommend that you keep reading this book time to time to keep your self upto date with the Fixed Income concepts. This is book is not just for the interview but also to clear your concepts about the fixed income markets.